Welcome to The Style Finder

For most people, building, renovating or styling is exciting but can quickly become an overwhelming process.
So many choices and things to consider.
What we do at Style Finder is work to streamline choices and help guide you to make decisions that complement your style and your lifestyle.
A functional space that you love to be in, and will suit the way you live. You can call it home design or interior design, but at the heart of it, it is about finding your style.
More than painting ideas or colour schemes. The Style Finder is styling, organising and problem solving a project to create a flow within a space.
Working within the building industry and renovating multiple properties of our own creating both modern house designs and enhancing classic properties. Now I am taking the experience I have and sharing it with you. It’s a natural evolution for a process I enjoy.

This is where I can help.

    • home design
    • small commercial design
    • interior styling
    • style finding
    • colour schemes coordination
    • painting ideas
    • modern house designs
    • paint colours
    • furniture options
    • artwork choices
    • joinery design and finishes


The Style Finder’s focus is to listen to you and helping you find your needs, your style.