Style Finding

What does that mean?
Have you ever looked at a magazine and thought I love that look but had no idea how to achieve it? Or have you moved into a new home and felt that your existing furniture didn’t quite work but don’t know exactly why? Or bought a new couch home only to discover it is oversized for your space? You wouldn’t be the first.
This is where I can help.

  • furniture choices
  • colour coordination
  • identifying the style or look
  • placement of furniture, art and objects
  • storage ideas
  • room use and flow

These are all a part of real style for your home.
There is just so much choice. It’s easy to end up with a home full of conflicting styles or mis-matched furniture. Or a gorgeous family piece that you can’t part with but don’t know how to make work in your home. Paint colours they don’t quite lock together the look you are trying to achieve.
I can work with you to identify your style and help you know how to spot the pieces that suit your space.
It’s very much a process that helps you find your style. It isn’t about me or what I like or how to conform to a trend. The process is designed to identify what you like and will compliment your home and lifestyle.
Many find themselves in the scenario which my husband and I found ourselves in when we renovated our first home. Our styles were vastly different and we had no idea how to find something we both wanted. It created friction, not fun. We hired an interiors consultant. She found a middle ground for us to work from and we now are a cohesive team. This is exactly what I can offer. By working with you, to help find a style or colour scheme that appeals.

Colour Consulting

Colour schemes and texture are so exciting and an important aspect of your home. I love working with colour schemes and blending textures to create a mood or complement the surroundings.
Neutral or colourful. It’s important to put the right paint colours in your home that suit your furniture and your personality.
If you have stood at the paint wall at Mitre 10 or Bunnings you will soon realise that there are a million shades of white…it’s not a simple decision. Finding the right paint colours and painting ideas, it can be overwhelming, and after spending many dollars on test pots of different paint colours you are probably ready to pick your paint colour out of a hat.
Much to the relief of clients, I can work with you to narrow down the overwhelming choice to a small selection of paint colours. It doesn’t need to be frustrating and traumatic.

Consulting on Design and Layout

A successful interior or exterior is one that suits the lifestyle of the occupants of the home. Interior design is about the organisation and flow that accommodates the daily lifestyle of the occupants rather than resisting it. The need for cupboards in the right places, power points where they are needed. The right type of lighting to suit the use of the room.
This is where I come in. Helping you plan the layout of your home according to your daily needs. Finding the ideal design and layout so everything in your home has a place that works for you rather than against you. All with a design style that makes you home both beautiful and functional.

Styling and Merchandising

Styling is a long term passion of mine. I can’t resist, it’s the element that provides that finishing touch and gives a home or space its personality and the finishing touches.
An area needs to have a focus, balance and a directional flow. I love working with ‘things’ to create a zone. It could be working within a whole home, a space like a living area or a small nook like a reading corner.
Using existing and new items, and elements such as colour to bring the overall feeling of your home together. It’s such an exciting part of creating a space for yourself…unless you don’t know how.
Creating that wow factor or welcoming feeling that begins at your front door and moves throughout your home as you do.

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